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July/August 2017
July/August 2017
Volume 28 (7)

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Science snapshots from Orlando
Did you miss the 2017 AOCS Annual Meeting and Industry Showcases? Five easy snapshots will bring you up to speed.

AOCS 2017 award recipients

Georges Chavanne and the first biodiesel
The first patent for modern biodiesel was issued 80 years ago, yet a peek into history reveals that much of current biodiesel research is uncannily similar to the technical investigations of that first groundbreaking patent.

A rapid fingerprinting method for sterols in oils and sterol-rich foods
The main phytosterols in intact oils and sterols-rich foods can be determined in a single analysis that eliminates several sample preparation steps and achieves results in less than a minute.

Sheep milk: an unexplored food matrix to develop functional foods
The chemical composition and nutritional benefits of sheep milk are compared with those of cow and goat milk.


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