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May 2017

May 2017
Volume 28 (5)

Featured Articles

The whys and wherefores of life-cycle assessment
Analyzing the overall environmental impact of an organization throughout its supply and value chains advances innovation, leads to better design decisions and products, and can be used to identify cost savings and achieve regulatory mandates.

The effect of monoglyceride incorporation on the solvent absorption and mechanical properties of glycerol-based polymer films
Incorporating monoglycerides into glycerol-based polymeric films enhances the solvent-absorbing and mechanical properties that make such films behave like organogels. Could this give the biodiesel industry a boost?

A bio-renewable surfactant with a trick up its sleeve
Learn how natural oil and sugar-derived structures of oleo-furan surfactants harness their inherent function for improved detergency, solubility, and exceptional stability in hard water conditions.

Sophorolipids from a winterization oil cake
Residual oil cakes from vegetable oil refining are used to produce sophorolipids by solid-state fermentation.

Separating lipids from a fermentation broth can dramatically improve bioprocess performance
A gravity-based separation system improves bioprocess performance by separating insoluble bio-products from the fermentation broth as they are produced.

A process design to increase the efficiency of batch oil deodorizers
A recent assessment shows that coupling batch oil deodorizers with a small continuous desorption packed column can increase revenues by 40%.


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