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November/December 2017
November/December 2017
Volume 28 (10)

Featured Articles

Strategic role of peanuts in sustainable global food security
Why superior oilseed peanut varieties produced by genome-sequence-guided peanut breeding could improve food security in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Milk fat triacylglycerol packing within processed cheese products
Researchers explore the crystallization behavior of milk fat in cream cheese, a processed cheese loaf, and processed cheese slices.

Mixed alcohol transesterification of mustard oil
A new rapid process produces biodiesel directly from yellow mustard oil and isopropyl alcohol miscella

Fat for the future: designing multifunctional molecular oleogels
Low-molecular-weight gelators synthesized from bioderived raw materials, such as sugars, sugar alcohols, glycosides, and fatty acids, are a potential alternative to traditional vegetable oil structuring methods

Biodiesel from low-quality feed stocks
An AOCS joint technical session on biodiesel from low-cost feed stocks illustrates the level of technology now available for producing biodiesel with enzymatic catalysis.

A dulce de leche-like product with the lipid profile of pecan oil
It’s made with emulsified pecan oil, tastes like the traditional milk-based confection, but is low in saturated fatty acids and high in oleic and linoleic unsaturated fatty acids.


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