Consulting Services

AOCS Technical Services staff hold advanced degrees in Analytical Chemistry, Nutritional Sciences, Bacteriology, Biotechnology, Food Science, and Physical Organic Chemistry. We are eager to use this knowledge to help quicken your product launch, solve a critical problem, or assist with a challenging project.

AOCS Technical Services success stories are based on our beneficial collaboration with scientists from diverse backgrounds within the field of fat and oil chemistry. Consulting services are available to assist you and your company as you work to solve a critical problem or a challenging project. Experimental design services, lab services, and reports analysis and generation are essential steps toward producing a quality product, and AOCS has the resources to efficiently reach these goals.

AOCS is an ISO Guide 34:2009 accredited provider of certified reference materials, we maintain more than 450 Official Methods, have successfully administered a lab proficiency program for more than a century, and we can help solve your challenges. Customized LPP programs are available upon request. Call Cynthia Ludwig, +1 314-780-3798  to find out more.

Experimental Design Services
  • Identify critical assays
  • Design stability testing
  • Antioxidant performance testing
Lab Services
  • Review standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Evaluate quality programs
Results Analysis & Report Generation
  • Explain results significance
  • Identify possible process solutions
  • Recommend remediation scenarios

Contact Cynthia Ludwig to find out how we can work together toward successful solutions.